Service delegation : available teams

Public service delegation for audioguides is an area that Sycomore provides thanks to a team of between 25 and 35 members, both full-time and temporary (according to the specificities of the exhibition in question).

This team, directly attached to the Sales Department, has complete independence in organisation and decision-making in its daily management. It’s headed by Maria Jaux whose competence and experience are market references.

Hiring of reception staff rests on a sense of responsibility, a service mentality, presentation and the ability to speak several foreign languages. We attach the greatest importance to the human qualities of the people we hire and we believe that, in this field as in others, loyalty is a basic value. This is seen in the great stability of our teams – a measure of our experience and efficiency.

However we firmly feel that the quality of our services should not be limited to the reception. We also have, in some way, a role as an "interface" between the site and the visitors who are using our service. This is why we constantly collect and analyse all the data needed for the qualitative and quantitative follow-up of our business (statistics, surveys, etc.), so that we can adapt our offers to changes in needs of all the actors involved.