Project financing : focus on customers

Sycomore's marketing department is at your disposal to examine the best form of cooperation - from long-term rental to revenue sharing.



  • RENT: for all manner of exhibitions and events, Sycomore offers its devices (audioguides, multimedia guides, group guides, multimedia terminals) for rent for the desired time. This form of collaboration includes maintenance of the leased equipment and the production of audio and video tours, or simply visit reviews downloaded to audioguides.
  • LONG-TERM LEASING : if you do not have the financial resources to purchase an audioguide system, Sycomore can help you bring your project to fruition by offering leasing contracts over several years with no upfront investment, working in tandem with financial institutions. Equipment maintenance is included in the leasing agreement, and production can also be financed in this way.
  • REVENUE SHARING : This is a very flexible contract that allows you to decide what role Sycomore should play: from equipment supplies only to guided-tour production, with the possible recruitment and management of personnel responsible for on-site distribution.