Recording studio :
creativity & quality

The quality and the success of an audio/video tour not only depend on its scenography and script. The acting, the selection of voice talent, the music, the images and the videos are also important factors. That's why each museum's project, each tour programme entrusted to us is placed under the direction of a project manager and an art director, who work in close collaboration with curators as well as translators and actors. This method preserves intact the original soul of a project throughout its development and ensures a quality result.

Located in the centre of Paris, our digital recording studio enables us to provide high quality audio and video productions. We offer the following services:

  • Straight recording with one or more voices
  • Interfacing with professional actors
  • Soundtrack creation (sound effects)
  • Music research and music rights management
  • Mixing and encoding
  • HD digital editing
  • Graphic and multimedia design (DTP, post production, web)
  • Audio and video production support