25 years serving cultural sightseeing

Sycomore delivered its first project in 1986 - the "Les Immatériaux" exhibition for the Georges Pompidou centre in Paris. Since then the Sycomore name - synonymous with innovation, experience, and quality - has spread around the world. Our visit solutions have been adopted by world-renowned museums and monuments, as well as many smaller cultural/sightseeing sites. Every day, countless visitors use Sycomore tour devices and listen to Sycomore-branded productions.

Our offering is based on three core skills:

  • Design & Production: we design and produce audioguided tours (visits) that suit any site layout, include any content, and meet all audience expectations.
  • Technical : we develop, install and maintain innovative systems.
  • Services : audioguide services delegation, project consultancy, data analysis, obtaining funding.

Sycomore offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date solutions on the market

  • We offer a whole range of standard systems, from the classic audioguide to the multimedia guide (on smartphone or audio/video player), including the groupguide.
  • Our technical support group meets the very latest technology standards, and can build customized systems to suit even the most challenging environments.
  • Our in-house multimedia production team includes a project manager, a graphic designer, a developer, and a recording engineer, working alongside a network of highly skilled and talented professionals, such as actors, translators, musicians, etc.
  • We have our own fully integrated digital recording studio for sound as well as video.
  • The services we provide can be tailored to respond to any kind of visitor need, and are based on tried-and-tested management and human resource solutions.