audioguide audiopen

Interactive & entertaining audioguide that brings your documents to life

Innovative concept

The Audiopen heralds a totally new, innovative concept of the guided tour. It comprises both an audio player and an interactive document. The system also enables you to design your own visit with a simple, intuitive plan, which includes easily-accessible additional information.

It interacts with documents printed in quadrichromy, through digital half-toning invisible to the naked eye (without adding supplementary film during printing).

Intuitive audioguided routes

This simply designed tool is very user-friendly: all you have to do is point your Audiopen at a picture, an icon or a section of text to listen to the commentary that goes with it. This gives visitors the freedom to design their own tour. Very easy to use, it can be programmed according to the specific needs of any site and individual visitors, according to their centres of interest, age and nationality. The system also allows you to create quizzes and games oriented around a fun route.

Integrated speaker or headphones

The Audiopen  features an integrated speaker, and a jack plug, allowing the use of any headphones.