audioguide audiopass+

Universal audioguide suitable for individual or group visitors

An all-in-one audioguide

The Audiopass+™ is the updated version of the Audiopass (released in 2005 and already installed in more than 130 cultural and sightseeing sites in Europe). The Audiopass+ is robust, user-friendly and easy to maintain. It now boasts new features which make it unique on the market:

  • colour screen for image and video display
  • RFID technology for automatic message triggering (no installation required)
  • Groupguide function

The Audiopass+™ works with an intuitive upload software, which allows for a complete analysis of user statistics.

Compatible with the previous generation of Sycomore audioguides

The Audiopass+™ is compatible with all Audiopass accessories, from the adaptable charging rack to the infrared remote for language or route selection, as well as infrared transmitters for automatic message triggering, alarm, and audio/video sync.