Paris Sewer Museum

Paris, France
Paris Sewer Museum

The Paris Sewer Museum offers an engaging exploration of the city's sewer system, tracing its history from ancient Lutetia to the modern era. Delve into the foundations of the current sewer network and gain insight into the remarkable work of its dedicated workers.

The educational tour delves into the intricate workings of the water cycle, sanitation processes, and waste management. Step into specially designed galleries that provide a unique glimpse into this intriguing underground network.

Sycomore is responsible for producing the audio content as well as the provision of guiding solutions. The immersive experience is enhanced with audio and interactive storytelling, available in three languages.

When the museum reopened, 80 S-Guides were introduced, connecting seamlessly with the audiovisual installations along the tour. The unique "semi-open" design of the device allows visitors to discover the history of this subterranean world while immersing themselves in the ambient sounds of the industrial site.