Musée de l’armée – Hôtel national des Invalides

Paris, France
Musée de l'armée - Hôtel national des Invalides

Sycomore has been entrusted with managing the audioguide service for the four museums at the Musée de l'armée including the Hôtel national des Invalides, for a six-year period, covering temporary exhibitions as well. The M-Guide, a dedicated visitor companion, has won the museum's favor due to its enriching multimedia content and commentary triggered by beacon technology.

The audio tour offers a comprehensive overview of the Museum, the Dome, as well as the Invalides' heritage and architecture. The commentaries provide in-depth information on key pieces in the collections, offering historical context to their creation and significance. Sycomore has also catered to international visitors seeking a more expedited exploration of the site. As a result, the exclusive Audiopen tour of Napoleon's tomb is available.