The compact digital radio guide


Vox Microguide
Interference Free
Interference free
Secured 99 Channels
Secured 99 channels
Intelligent Auto-pairing
Intelligent auto-pairing
Ultra Long-life Battery
Ultra long-life battery
Proprietary Technology
Prorietary technology
European Engineering
European engineering
Microguide v1

Brilliantly conceived in a compact, lightweight and elegant design, our new Vox VDR™ group tour system uses patented next generation technology.

Vox VDR™ has excellent digital audio quality and a battery life of 20 hours! The system is fully automatic and can provide up to 99 channels: the guide chooses his transmission channel and the receivers of the group members automatically switch to this channel in under 2 seconds!

Vox VDR™ devices operate on the new frequency band authorised by the ART (1.9 Ghz), anticipating the new European transmission regulations. This advantage guarantees an unbeatable long transmission range and interference-free reception of up to 200 metres.